Starburst is our newest committee. After a rough year due to COVID-19, it was found that it was hard to connect to first years through an online university. So this year, Starburst was born to help (re)integrate first and second years into the university, faculty, and of course, Sirius A. Starburst exists out of only first and second years, and one experienced committee member to help them steer in the right direction. These motivated members organize events for their own years. This way we give them the chance to get to know how a committee works together, and the years have the chance to get to know each other better in self-chosen events. We hope to see all new faces at the events this year!

Committee Members

Marnix Adriaan Berre


Viesturs Strelcs


Valentina Garces Caamano


Javier Riscado Batista


Toms Ozolins