Cosmic Web

The Cosmic Web committee is responsible for maintaining the website of Sirius A. The people in this committee are the most gifted programmers and web developers in all of astronomy. The hard labour done by this committee is made possible by Caffeine™ and Bootstrap.

In the 2019/2020 Academic Year, they took on the brave task of building a completely new website from scratch. And as you can see, the result is this beautiful website. Further along the line their goals are to implement more functionalities and cool extras to the website.

In addition to the website, they have another shared responsibility. Together with the Kapteyn Learning Community they work on an online learning platform for astronomy students (codename: Nebula). While the people on the KLC do more work on creating and uploading content, the Cosmic Web is responsible for the technical aspects of this unique platform.

Committee Members

Marloes van Asselt

Board representative

Sten Sipma


Dagmar Rozendaal


Mechy Janssen


Pieter Huizenga


Yfke Bethlehem


Mick Veldhuis


Alexandru Oprea