Kapteyn Learning Committee

The Kapteyn Learning Community is here to smoothly guide you through your studies in Astronomy. Every period, we host practice sessions for all astronomy courses, where you will get a mock exam to prepare with. Students who have already passed the course are there to help you and answer your questions, and there are plenty of free snacks for extra brain power. But this is not the only thing we do: We also organise a few extracurricular courses, like a Beginners LaTeX course for first year students, a Python Refresher Course for second year students and an Advanced LaTeX course for those undertaking their bachelor research project. Furthermore, we host the Study Club for first and second year students, where you can join to study, ask questions and eat snacks. Last but certainly not least, together with the Cosmic Web we have created Nebula, an online database with practice material that makes studying for your courses even more convenient!

Committee Members

Jill Straat

Board representative

Dirk van der Geest


Marijn Smorenburg


Lei Titulaer


Nynke Visser


Anna Esselink


Filip van der Mooren