Star Gazing Committee

In the unlikely event that the sky is actually visible, the Star Gazing Committee has got you covered. Enjoy some refreshments under the starry sky and take a look through a real telescope. We'll either take you to the 40 cm Gratama telescope on top of the Bernoulliborg, where you'll have a great view of Groningen, or to the Dark Sky Park in Lauwersoog which will soon have an observatory as well. There you can wander in silence and darkness through the forest, away from civilization. We'll bring some telescopes to admire, but if for whatever reason you're more interested in biology, the forester will teach you about birds and stuff like that. Either way, you're sure to see some nebulae, galaxies or even the moon!

Committee Members

Willem de Roo

Board representative

Ana-Maria Resiga


Pascal Flavia


Adam Posker


Enrico Marchesini


Malak Badawy


Valeria Tarsina


Alexandru Oprea


Ewoud Ludoph