Confidential Advisors

It is important that all of our members have someone to talk to if they feel stressed, uncomfortable or are dealing with any issues. If you have any issues that you are struggling to deal with by yourself or just want to get something off your chest, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the confidential advisors within Sirius A, whose contact information you may find below. Feel free to text them a message or Email them to make an appointment.

The confidential advisors can offer a listening ear and may be able to direct you to other parties who may be able to help you more effectively. Anything you discuss with the confidential advisors will never be shared with others, and your identity nor the topics discussed will be shared with the board of Sirius A or other advisors without your explicit consent.

confidential advisor Marnix Adriaan

Marnix Adriaan Berre

Whatsapp - +4792146603
confidential advisor Yfke

Yfke Bethlehem

Whatsapp - +31625425138

For more professional aid, please refer to the addresses below. If you are worried for your own well-being or that of a friend, contact the suicide prevention hotline. The University of Groningen also has an appointed confidential advisor. They are the first contact person for students and staff who experience undesirable behaviour or discriminatory treatment and suspected malpractice with the University. More information and contact details can be found on the University webpage.
If you are, or know someone who is dealing with suicidal thoughts or selfharm tendencies you can reach the suicide hotline crisis telephone numbers 113
and 0800 - 0113. If you are currently not in the Netherlands you can chat with them on