Every now and then, we all need to cut loose and take a break from the hard studying. If you find yourself in such a time, Galaxy is there for you! Throughout the year, we organise numerous fun socials (borrels). We take over a bar somewhere in Groningen where you have the opportunity to chat, dance and sometimes even sing together with your fellow astronomers, all with a cold beverage in hand. Besides the borrels, each year Galaxy organises a gala somewhere around the first week of March, to celebrate Sirius A's birthday (Dies Natalis). On this night, we all dress our best and spend a night full of dancing and having fun at some of the city's fanciests locations.

Committee Members

Joelle Wubben

Board representative

Jesse Reurink


Ioana Roxana Balint


Anna Esselink


Willem de Roo


Mara Gliga


Anastasia Perrotta